Vehicle Transit Permit

If you buy a car or truck and the seller keeps the Texas license plates, print a Transit Permit to drive the vehicle home or to your local county tax office.

  • Only one Transit Permit may be issued
  • Valid for 5 days (maximum) from date of issuance. The start date is the day the permit is printed.
  • Only issued for cars and trucks
  • License Plates will be issued by your local county tax office when you title and register your vehicle
  • Enter your vehicle identification number (VIN) carefully. If we cannot match the VIN a Transit Permit cannot be printed.
  • Insurance is required to legally operate a motor vehicle in Texas.
  • If traveling out of state, verify that this permit is valid for operation in that state. This permit may only authorize operation of the vehicle in Texas.
  • A Transit Permit is needed before operating this vehicle in Texas.
Vehicle Identification Number
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